Due to automation, robotics and Artificial Intelligence across the world, employment in many fields is ending rapidly. There are some areas where there is a lot of employment. One of these areas is digital marketing

Scope In India

According to the latest information, in the field of digital marketing in India, by the year 2023, about 10 lakh employees will come. It is estimated that by 2027, the e-commerce trade in India will be about 16000 billion rupees. This can be gauged by how bright are the employment opportunities in digital marketingwhat is digital marketing

What It is ?

Digital marketing refers to the promotion of various products through digital mediums like internet, mobile phones and game consoles. Digital marketing involves publicity through digital mediums, attracting consumers and providing services. Digital marketing is a major component of Internet marketing. It is based on promoting through email, social media, websites, blogs and pop-up advertisements. It also includes targeted advertising articles, links comments.

Example Of This Trend:

Last year US $ 16 billion was spent for internet advertising. Sellers understand that digital marketing is very beneficial for them. Like traditional marketing, digital marketing also aims at influencing, encouraging and forcing your target product or service.However, these two have almost the same similarities. Digital marketing differs from traditional marketing to design strategy to the process, technology and mediums involved

The activities and choice of the users of the Internet is analyzed, according to which the web users are converted into users by creating and implementing marketing strategies. This includes creating excitement about the product and service, forcing people to talk about it, creating credibility and forcing more and more people to visit the website.

How Digital marketing is Usefull For compnaies

Significantly, digital marketing is useful for companies expecting product release, publicity, marketable brand image, public relations or consumer service. Due to its flexibility, convenience and economical rate, it makes a great impact. Its new, attractive and creative features help companies reach out to current consumers and explore new markets. It is no surprise that companies may suffer losses if they do not adopt this unique technology.

Career Option For Students In Digital Marketing

career in digital marketingTo become a career in the field of digital marketing, you need a degree in marketing, mass advertising or sales. If you want to touch the heights in this field, then you should have a good knowledge of all the dimensions of digital marketing, so you will have to try hands on in other specialized field and learn other skills.On the other hand, professional certification in digital marketing gives accurate information about the overall process of digital marketing.

Tips For Aspirants:

You have to constantly increase your skills and knowledge in terms of technology, marketing and digital media. Apart from creativity, you also need good technical skills.In terms of technical skills, you need good knowledge of web design, social media and web related software, analytical skills, research skills, leadership skills and communication skills are also required. If you want to enter this field then you should be ready to sit in the hour computer.You have to spend time studying user traffic and behavior, analyzing appropriate data and experimenting with different marketing strategies. The rapid pace with which the importance of digital marketing is increasing shows the wide scope of career opportunities in this field.