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google algorithm core update 2020

google algorithm core update 2020

Google announced the latest core updates to its search engine algorithm on May 4th, 2020. Again google does not disclose much about its latest changes to its algorithm. In this pandemic time enterprises are affected to a vaster extent, and if this latest core update is regarding COVID-19 then companies have to watch out. The algorithm rollout in two weeks, On 18th May google, said that changes had been implemented. Now let’s see what this is May 2020 core update is all about.


As its almost 3 months since Google has announced the core update of its search engine algorithm in May 2020. The main aspects of this algorithm update are still unknown as this can only be examined in the coming months. It’s too early to say anything regarding this algorithm. Google does not reveal anything about their update and they also stated in a webmaster statement that this algorithm came in action from 2021.

Here are the official google webmaster guidelines please read it carefully and know in details about this algorithm update. Below are the four important points that you need to know.

1.Core Web Vitals introduction:

According to the latest update of Google, page-loading speed, interactivity of websites, and content structure compose the basics elements of Core Web Vitals 2020 update.

2.E-A-T(Expertise, Authority, and Trust) impact strength:

Google will be evaluating your content according to expertise, guidelines, integrity, and trustworthiness criteria that may help you understand Google’s algorithms that are used to rank your website content. As we know Google always provide trustworthy content full websites to its users

3. The search intent of user has become more important now.

According to Google guidelines, the new update is about developing and improving the search algorithm evaluation process of the content to make SERP((search engine result page)) results more related to the user’s search desire result.

4. Now you can see Nofollow links as hints from March 2020 on.

Referral pages and nofollow links of websites will be used for better understanding regarding the context of your web page ranking, which directly means that they are no longer ignored by the search engine.

Is there any need to update my website?

Google has made a lot of adjustments to its latest core search engine algorithms 2020. It is estimated that more updates will come soon in the near future. Though, Google has specially mentioned that the changes will not do any effect on websites ranking until next year, 2021. So, In this case, webmasters have some time to prepare for this core update. Here is a statement from Google’s official webmaster blog:

“We recognize many site owners are rightfully placing their focus on responding to the effects of COVID-19. The ranking changes described in this post will not happen before next year, and we will provide at least six months notice before they’re rolled out.”

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