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how to track website visitor

how to track website visitor

hey guys !!! do you want to check number of visitors to your website ??? you want to know about free website visitor tracking tool but have no idea about it . If it is so don not worry . We “diston institute” are here to serve you better information and will guide you to do so.
if you are reading this article , we can assume that you already own a website. right ?? so here we start ……

Guys , there are many paid and free tools are available but the most important website tracking tool is “Google analytics tool”.

Best In Google Analytics Tool :

  • Free Tool
  • 90% users use the google as default search engine to search anything. So you can rely on this tools becuase google are in commanding position.

Top 3 major things that you can do with this tool ?

Real time Traffic : you can check the real time visitor in your website . you can also trace the user’s activities. you can see what is most popular page or product page where most of the users are visiting.

User Location : you can check the visitor’s location. you will be able to see how many traffics are coming to your website from which locations (country, city etc).

Trace the device : you can check on which device your website are getting open. so you can make your website more compatible according to that device.

How to use Google analytics in website :

Steps :

  • type “google analytics” on any browser. or click below https://analytics.google.com/analytics/web (if you are not sign in then it will ask for login to gmail other wise you will be redirected to analytics page )
affiliate marketing in digital marketing
  • Click on “start measuring” (see above img).
  • you will get a interface like below. enter your business name or website name here.and then click on next button below.
Google Analytics Tool
  • Select Web if you are working for website and then click to next(see img below)
Google Analytics
  • now in this step you will have an interface like img below. (enter your website and url here). select the category of your website . (if it is educational then select educational category over there). select the time zone of your area. and then click on “create”
Google Analytics Tool
  • now will have a popup window of terms and conditions. accept all tems and conditions. and then next .
  • this final step : copy this tracking code and paste it into your head section of website.
Google Analytics Tool
  • Final Result
Google Analytics Tool

Thanks buddy for reading this article. if you still have any query please “click here and join live chat“

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