What is a google search console?

How can you use this tool to boost your website performance?

In this article, we will give you a general introduction to google search consoles and their basic tools. Google launched “Webmaster tools”  in 2015 and today it is formally known as the Google search console. It is one of the free services provided by Google to monitor and optimize the organic presence of your site in the google search engine.

It is Used by business owners, SEO specialists, and site administrators this tool not only helps you to understand how your site is performing in Google searches but also helps you to troubleshoot the issues and help you to bring more relevant traffic to your site.  In simple terms, google follows or checks these steps to generate results in the search engine-

 1. Crawling

First of all, Google discovers your page URL and collects or crawls all the text and image content of your site. After analyzing your data Google categories and decide where it can appear in search results. It is very essential that your home page is well maintained with the site navigation system and contains links to important pages or posts so that Google crawlers, as well as the users, can easily find the path. Once Google understands your site it will automatically provide relevant users.

 2. Indexing

After discovering your URL, google categorizes your page based on your content(text, image/video ) and stores it in their database, this process is known as Indexing. It is important to give a relevant title to your content and provide alt text to your non-text content so that Google crawlers can easily understand its attributes as appointed.

3. URL inspection

As suggested by the name this tool lets you know how Google views your site. If you have updated a section (Page or post) on your website then you can submit the page URL with the help of this tool. This will indicate google crawlers to crawl your website page.  URL inspection tool is also used to add or update webpage URLs. Also, you can check the error on your page.

 4. Performance

It is one of the important aspects. Through this, you can gather information about your website’s organic traffic as well as the traffic of individual web pages. In general, it gives details about clicks, impressions, CTR(click-through rate), and average keyword ranking.

5. Backlinking

This is a procedure for creating links on other websites. These are inbound links as they bring traffic from other sites to your site and hence increase the traffic on your site. so, it’s very important to create relevant backlinks to rank your website higher in search engines.

6. Mobile Usability

This is the practice of optimizing your website for smartphone users. *Site map-  It shows the organized hierarchy of your website and the interlinking relation between your web pages. Google crawls your website more effectively with the help of a sitemap. A Sitemap also lists important pages of your website.

 7. Ranking

Every time users search a query, Google checks its database to find the latest and most relevant answer. To give a user the best experience it considers the following factors -the user’s location, language, and device. For example, if two people will search for a  ” flower shop ” in two different locations (Paris and India ) they will get different answers based on their locations. Google ranks a website based on your page load, content, AMP, mobile visibility, and other search features.

With the help of GSC, you can check all these reports. Not only that, but you can also receive alert messages when there is an issue with your site. This data can help you to understand user engagement and let you know about the new ranking opportunity for better performance.

GSC is one of the best ways to know whether or not your SEO campaign is thriving as it helps you to analyze your website. With the help of these reports, you can improve your posts and pages to get a better website ranking as well as backlinks. The more visible your site is on google, the more you will get clicks on your website which leads to an increase in traffic to your site.