According to a doctor, there are a large number of parents those who want their children to stay away from mobile. Many children are who keep themselves busy with social media things. They use Facebook and Instagram to keep them busy.

This problem is not for a single family but it’s common with most of the families in India and outside India. You can not keep your children away from mobile. Because they always have an excuse for online classes and assignments. But spending a lot of time on social media is making them mentally poor.

Children are connecting with the outside world and giving them a window to see into the lives of those connected with them, means the privacy of yours and privacy of the family does not exist anymore but kids never understand it because they don’t have much understanding.

Several studies have shown that teens use social media excessively because they are either bored or do not have more options for refreshment. The study says if teens do not have a good friends circle then they try to connect with other people online.

Is Social media bad ?

of course not, if anyone uses social media in limitation then there is no harm in using it. But using social media excessively is an alert signal. Social media is a good medium to uplift the mood of any person. many people click selfies or take photos and upload them on social media profiles and then feel good when somebody likes or comments on their photos. so that we can say it can change your mood also.

There are a lot of Digital marketing companies, using social media for their businesses and for their client’s businesses. Social media plays a vital role in any business growth. Such kinds of companies hire employees who are good at social media platforms.

let’s now discuss other things. We can easily say a teenager is addicted to social media when we can spot some of the following

*If he or she is thinking about social media and talks about social media most of the time.

*If he/she is using social media instead of attending to other important things in his/her life.

*If a person (he or she ) get frustrated easily

*If a person keeps checking social media accounts during conversations.

*If they have not been able to reduce the time they spend on social media.

How much time should someone spend on social media?

30 minutes is enough to boost the mood of a person. but using social media for more than two hours can develop and increase the symptoms of depression. Social media tools became a source of enjoyment and earning if one uses them effectively

What to do if you are addicted to social media?

  • Counselling
  • CBT