Twitter India is shutting their cooperating offices in India. According to the reports Twitter fired 80 employees in India after Elon Musk takeover.

  1. Twitter planning to close its India workspace facilities.
  2. Twitter in debate to vacate their co-working seats in Delhi, Mumbai, and Bengaluru.
  3. From India there are 250 employees working in Twitter, out of which 80 were laid off, in October 2022.
  4. It is looking forward to end its subscribed services to save money, as company is facing trouble in San Francisco for failing to pay office rent.
  5. It is also reported that Twitter employees in Singapore were asked to vacate the office, as company was not able to pay rent.
  6. Employees across the globe are working from home, which was ended by ELON MUSK in first place.
  7. A Tweet was posted that 75% of team is gone, I’m still employed but don’t feel like working anymore… You can hear people breaking down and crying in the office.

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